• Image of ARCHER MAGAZINE #9 - the FAMILY issue

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"I don’t feel like we need a nuclear family of our own to have people that care for us, and that we care for in fundamental ways."
- Benjamin Law, Archer Magazine #9

Welcome to Archer Magazine issue #9: the FAMILY issue.


* Q&A with Benjamin Law by Angela Serrano
* Porn and sex ed by Zahra Stardust
* Transgender kids by Jo Hirst
* Polyamory by Page Turner
* Aboriginal families by Nayuka Gorrie
* Queercrip communities by Robin M Eames
* Rainbow families by Matilda Douglas-Henry
* Infidelity by Cat McGauran
* HIV and gay men by Dean Beck
* 'Fat Femmes to the Front' shoot by Tanja Bruckner/Archer Magazine