• Image of ARCHER MAGAZINE #8 - the SPACES issue (2017)

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“Nightlife operates as a zone of playful exchange. It’s a space of exposure to difference that can change your take on things, or how you feel about the world. The best nights make new things possible.”

- Kane Race, Archer Magazine #8

Online space. Physical space. Bodily space. Emotional space. This issue has it all.
*Q&A with Alex Lahey
* Sex worker spaces by Tilly Lawless
* Masculinity and the Brown Boi Project by Rathini Kandavel
* Hair and identity by Jaya Keaney
* Queer in detention by Nima
* Saudi Arabia to Australia by Razia Zakarya
* Public sex by Regan Lynch
* BDSM communities by Anna Kingston
* Share houses and The Dirty Habit by Vincent Silk

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