• Image of ARCHER MAGAZINE #7 - 2017

"I don’t mind confusion about my gender, but I do resent cisgender people who make that confusion my problem." - Bani Amor

In this groundbreaking edition of Archer Magazine, we curate stories by people who exist outside the gender-binary.

ARCHER MAGAZINE #7 features:

* Q&A with DarkMatter's Alok Vaid-Menon
* Latinx and queer by Mariana Podesta-Diverio
* The Philippines' first transgender lawmaker by Angela Serrano
* Gender and sex work by Devon Wipp
* Gender across generations by Jonno Revanche
* Erotic role-play by Shafik Zahyr
* Transgender in the medical system by Fury
* Inclusive spaces by Laurie Hopkins
* Beyond the binary by Bani Amor
* Coming out is a white narrative by Asiel Adan Sanchez
* Exploring identity through drag by Dani Weber

* Me and Allah by Samra Habib
* Gender as a Spectrum by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert
* Trans and non-binary fashion